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Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles.

Live a little be a gypsy, get around. Get your feet up off the ground.

irenic G Y P S Y icons
24 March
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about the creator
PhotobucketJennifer LeAnna DeCima. I'm the biggest contradiction you'll ever meet. I love every minute of life but I'm always in a bad mood. I hate everyone who's good for me. I love to act, sing, draw, web-design, code, paint, and do anything productive with my time.. but I'm usually too lazy. One minute I hate something, the next I love it. It keeps things interesting. You can tell a little bit more about me, my interests, and my design style by looking at my icons. Everything I make is with great intentions and everything I get around to sharing I love. Hope you enjoy.

rules and regulations
Photobucket[] Comment to be added and add me first, then I'll add you with no problems.
[] If you use something, please take the time to comment first. Always.
[] Credit for icons and other graphics is not required, but greatly appreciated.
[] Feel free to alter my graphics, I don't mind. They're for you anyhow.
[] Please do not claim my icons as your own creations, I work very hard. :]
[] Absolutely no hotlinking! Direct linking to a web site's files is just unpleasent.
[] Requests or suggestions for icons featuring pictures/lyrics/etc are open.

credit where it's due
PhotobucketMost Beatle pictures found on beatlepics. All model/high-fashion photographs taken from foto_decadent and ht_photography. Most other pictures from search engines or GettyImages.com. All PSDs from PSDeligtful. If I have used anything of yours without properly crediting you, please let me know by comment or email brandedgypsy@hotmail.com. Thank you and please enjoy the site!

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